Realitzem un enviament directe des de les nostres instal·lacions a la porta de casa teva a través de missatgeria urgent. Habitualment amb l’empresa SEUR.

Shipping costs vary depending on the type of shipment required (urgent, refrigerated or frozen) and also vary depending on your location.

Alfarràs, Almenar, and Alguaire€1 (Tuesday only)€1 (Tuesday only)€1 (Tuesday only)
Lleida city, Alpicat, Raïmat, Roselló€2.50 (Free >€45)€2.50 (Free >€45)€2.50 (Free >€45)
Catalonia remains4.5 (Free >€45)9,5€ (Gratuït >80€)Not available
Spain€5.50 (Free >€45)9,5€ (Gratuit >80€)Not available

There is also the option of picking it up at the farm, which has a €1 bonus on the RRP of the product.

If you have any special needs, or have any doubts, you can contact us via the email info @ or via the phone 634 323 928.

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