Like a food

If you want to improve your health through a healthy and conscious diet, spirulina can be your great ally.

Its high content of protein, B vitamins, fiber, fatty acids and minerals like zinc will help you achieve the healthy change you're looking for!


"Let your food be your medicine"

Healthy diet

Including spirulina as another food in your everyday life will help you enrich and diversify your diet in a very simple way. A spoonful of spirulina a day will provide you with a wide variety of properties and a high content of beneficial nutrients for your body. You will notice the first effects on your hair, nails and skin in just a few weeks.
Whether you like fresh spirulina or prefer noodles or salt, at Organa we invite you to innovate in the kitchen and try new sensations, tastes and textures in your dishes. You can decorate your salads, yogurts and creams or spread some fresh spirulina on a piece of bread with a good drizzle of olive oil and enjoy this treasure of nature!

Did you know that spirulina contains a high degree of cellulose and helps facilitate digestion processes?

Sports performance

If you are looking for ways to improve your athletic performance and speed up the recovery of your muscle tissue through healthy foods, spirulina can be of great help.

Science has shown that the properties of spirulina help athletes and endurance athletes and long-term activities in increasing their performance. The more than forty nutrients contained in spirulina and its high concentration of proteins in the form of essential amino acids help muscle and cell growth causing the increase in strength and resistance of isometric muscles.

Increased muscle mass and faster recovery


If you are thinking of doing a healthy, balanced and conscious detox, we advise you to do it with spirulina. This micro algae will help you release toxins and harmful elements from your body thanks to its high level of chlorophyll, which facilitates the purification of the blood, favoring the release of heavy metals and giving life to the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, on the skin and by extension, throughout your body.

The increase in toxins in our body causes insomnia, chronic fatigue, migraines, allergies, joint pain and degeneration (osteoarthritis and arthritis), cholesterol, triglycerides, constipation and fluid retention among many other ailments.

Detoxifying has never been so simple

Vegetable protein

If you eat a vegetarian, vegan diet or want to reduce your consumption of protein of animal origin, you've probably already heard about the benefits of spirulina! And if not, we'll explain them to you.

The 67% content of Organa-grown spirulina is protein. An amount three times greater than that of meat. In addition to this fact, by containing all the essential amino acids, it allows better assimilation of the "incomplete" protein from legumes and/or cereals.

Join the green-and-blue revolution

Like a medicine

Spirulina is mainly consumed as a dietary supplement due to its properties.

When using spirulina as a dietary supplement to soothe an ailment, whether chronic or acute, small amounts are used, and it is important that the intake is constant and that the temperature of spirulina is not raised, since when it exceeds 40ºC it starts to lose nutrients.

For each ailment there is a recommended dose and this is usually between 1 and 10gr/day depending on the case. There are shots that are recommended to be taken before meals, others during and others outside of meals.


"May your medicine be your food"