Spirulina canapé

An ideal dish for starters, snack or breakfast.


– Fresh spirulina

– Tomato

– Pumpkin seeds

- Sal

- Oil

– Toasts


Spread the fresh spirulina on the bread toasts and decorate with a piece of tomato, a seed, a little salt and finally add the oil. Serve cold.

Mint Hummus

An exceptional dish to serve as a side dish, as a starter or even as the star dish of the menu.


– Mint infusion

– Cooked chickpeas

- Sal

– Tahini

– Fresh or dried spirulina

- Olive oil

– Hydrated seaweed (optional for decoration)


Mix all the ingredients with the mixer until you have a paste that is easy to spread.

Add spirulina to taste as you want the green color and finally the hydrated algae.

It can be accompanied by wheat sticks or put on toast, cereal biscuits, crudités...

Spirulina smoothie


-200ml rice and coconut drink

– 1/2 banana

– 1/4 avocado

– 1 teaspoon of fresh spirulina

– 1 pinch of spirulina in noodles to decorate

Beat everything with a blender and drink for breakfast or serve as dessert. Delicious!

super gomasia

If gomasi was already an exceptional seasoning for health, gomasi with spirulina is a SUPER-gomasi!


– 80 g of raw sesame

-2 tablespoons of dried spirulina

Lightly toast the sesame and leave to cool.

Once cold, mix with the spirulina and grind in a chopper or blender.

Marinade and ready to use as a condiment in salads, soups, creams, on bread, with cheese, rice...

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